Content Machine

Blake Emal

Lemme guess:

You've been trying to build a brand for months (or years) and haven't gotten anywhere...

I get it. 

That was me, too.

But what if I told you that you could flip that around, grow an amazing audience, and build a repeatable system for your content?

But first, a little background.

My content story:

- I started writing on LinkedIn 7 years ago

- I mostly wrote bad stuff that got no traction

- I had to unlearn school-style writing

- I engaged like crazy with others to learn and build relationships

- I failed at building a Twitter audience 3x before finally doing OK

- Even when I started doing OK on Twitter, I wanted to quit

- Wrote 15 tweets per day for months before hitting 5k

But then, everything shifted. Why?

I built a simple and effective content machine that took me from a small account to 80K on Twitter and 20K on LinkedIn, purely through written content.

And I've refined it over time to make it:

- Insanely easy to use

- Impossibly effective

This is a Notion template that serves as a one-stop shop for ideating, creating, organizing, and analyzing your content. 

You can expect to:

- Grow your audience considerably through content marketing

- Build a scalable system for getting traffic and leads

- Define a simple, cohesive strategy

- Start coming up with great ideas

- Keep your content organized

Here are the modules of the Content Machine:

1. Start Here: advice on how to use the machine like a pro

2. Engine: A guided exercise to plot out your full content strategy

3. Idea Matrix: A table to help you easily generate ideas on demand

4. Idea Repository: A table to add all new ideas and organize them

5. Content Calendar: A calendar with built-in templates to help you write and plan content

6. Analyzer: A table with guided questions to analyze all content to improve quality over time

This system has changed the game for my content, and it can do the same for you. 

Of course, it'll only work if you commit to using it and publishing content. 

If you are committed to using content for a personal or company brand:

This system is definitely for you.

Just click the li'l button up top and give it a try!

  • A one-stop shop for ideating, creating, organizing, and analyzing your content

  • A one-stop shop for ideating, creating, organizing, and analyzing your content
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