Teardown Treasures

Blake Emal
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30+ Full Website Audits that Led to Increased Conversions

With 1 new audit added every week, absolutely free with your one time purchase

This is an ever-growing collection of full teardowns that resulted in an average conversion rate improvement of 2 % points for clients. You'll see audits for:

  • Uber
  • Delta
  • Cadillac
  • Workday
  • Burger King
  • And dozens more

Guessing doesn't work

I've tested out so many different optimizations that I've learned what typically works. Don't guess what will increase your website conversions. Study the expertise of a pro compiled neatly for you.

How much more money would you make if you increase your conversion rate by half a percentage point?

Let's make this real. Let's make this simple.

If your ARPU (Average Revenue per User) is $100...

Your current monthly traffic is 10,000 sessions...

And your conversion rate from visit to paid is 1.5%...

Then you would convert 150 people per month.

That gets you $15,000 a month in revenue.

If you improve your conversion rate to 2%...

You'd gross $20,000 with the same numbers.

$5,000 extra for making a couple of changes.

No added traffic needed.

And the resources keep growing

Every week, I'll add a new teardown to the dashboard and you'll always get free access to updates.

You can also request your favorite sites to be audited as I'll often go with fan favorites.

Here's the deal...

The price on this will likely go up soon as I add more and more resources in. Grab it at the lower pricepoint now and you'll feel like you gamed the system.

I wanna hear how these tips work out for you.

Send me an email, DM me on Twitter, or even throw me a mention!

I'll retweet you if you tweet about Teardown Treasures to give you a boost.

I can't wait to see your conversion rates improve, my friend!

1 rating
  • Link to full gallery provided after purchase // 30+ full audits // 280 mins of content // Free updates forever

  • Link to full gallery provided after purchase // 30+ full audits // 280 mins of content // Free updates forever


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