Ultimate Twitter Threads System

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I got 5M impressions and 10K+ retweets on my threads in 3 weeks.

The problem is:

Writing threads is HARD.

It takes time, brainpower, and organization to do them well.

So I built a system that works for me.

Like, really well.

And I'm sharing it with the world!

In fact, people have been asking for this...

Here's what to expect from this Notion template:

∙ Direction on defining your audience

∙ Direction on establishing core topics 

∙ Fully operational "Ideas" database 

∙ End-to-end thread brief template

∙ Direction on thread ideas

∙ Direction on thread outlines

∙ Content batching framework

∙ Final tweet template

∙ Post mortem brief 

Buy now for $9! Price may go up soon so hop in now!

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Full Notion database and templates for ideating, organizing, creating, analyzing, and publishing Twitter threads.

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Ultimate Twitter Threads System

8 ratings
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